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Emotional Health Kit

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This kit includes essential oils to assist with over coming feelings of anxiety, depression and fear. Each oil has special attributes to relieve and assist you to obtain inner peace & over come negative feelings. Bergamot assists to relieve negative feelings of low self esteem, despair and depression. Encourages self acceptance and self love. Frankincense is a highly spiritual essential oil (dating back to biblical times). It has a gentle calming effect and is known to assist to relieve anxiety, nervousness and tension. Patchouli is a fantastic oil that may assist with depression, sadness and loss. Patchouli is a perfect to use in times of loss, need & despair. It may assist to disperse negative feelings that are preventing you from moving forward & provide comfort. Lavender essential oil is incredibly calming for mind, body & soul. It may assist with relief from tension head aches, travel sickness and nervousness. It makes it an excellent tonic for the nerves and anxiety issues. Therefore, it may also be helpful in treating migraines, headaches, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress. An excellent oil to assist you to calm your mind & enjoy a good night's sleep. How to Use: Blend your oils depending on need (in our Base Oil), disperse in an aromatherapy Bath, place a few drops on our Aromatherapy Pendent, use a few drops of each oil in our LBA Vaporiser or create your very own emotional relief massage blend


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