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Men's Essential Kits

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Discover the perfect companion for your men's lifestyle with this Essential Kit! Featuring our natural Coconut and Honey moisturiser and shower gel, a handmade soap, and muscle rub, this great travel pack will be his go-to source for luxurious male self-care. Includes Black Travel Bag.

Muscle Rub:

Designed to relieve tension; may assist with symptom relief from headache, migraine and arthritis. Our Muscle Balm with essential oils of Wintergreen & Marjoram may help alleviate muscle fatigue and aches and pains. Wintergreen oil has traditionally been used to help ease inflammation and help soothe the pain associated with it. Our Muscle Balm is a great alternative to use as part of a deep tissue massage.

Australian Handmade Soaps:

Each soap is hand-poured with love using natural ingredients. We use pure essential oils,  fine clays, honey & Goats Milk to soothe the skin. Natural botanicals are added for exfoliant texture. We add no chemicals, phosphates, sulphates or parabens.  

Coconut Shower Gel 250ml:

Coconut Delight Shower Gel cleanses your body gently while imparting a beautiful aroma of Coconut, Vanilla and Honey. It is hydrating and refreshing and leaves your skin with a tropical holiday feeling. 250ml. This product is not vegan.

Coconut Body Milk 250ml:

Designed specifically to improve the skin's texture and appearance. Provides day-long moisture protection. Perfect for sun damaged, stressed and dehydrated skin. Soothing and deep penetrating with a beautiful aroma of Coconut, Vanilla and Honey that leaves your skin with a tropical holiday feeling. 125ml. This product is not vegan as it contains honey.